Monday, May 21, 2012

21 May, Monday: The End

Monday, 21 May:  Taxi arrived as scheduled but since we didn’t know the terminal we were departing from, got unlucky and were dropped of at 2E when we should have gone to Terminal 1.  We joked with niece that we couldn’t leave Paris without one last train ride!  We checked in without problems, went through security (I was patted down; niece was patted down and her carry on searched), did a little shopping, boarded the plane (niece’s carryon was searched again—what are the odds?).  Flight was uneventful—coach is never comfortable but the service was good, the entertainment system worked a little better, and the food was ok. 

We got to Houston 10 long hours later, went through Border Control where niece disclosed having foie gras so we were sent to Agriculture to be searched again.  Thankfully, the foie gras did not get confiscated; they’re looking for raw things.  We went  through security one more time to catch our connecting flights and all made it home just fine (except for niece’s suitcase which was delayed several hours!). 

So hubby and I are back to work and niece is enjoying a respite before her next vacation—oh, the life of a college student who doesn’t have to go to summer school! 

Paris was wonderful and I can’t wait to go back, probably within two years.  But next up is Germany in December for the Christmas Markets!

Thanks for reading, y'all.

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